Why exhibit ?

The Abu Dhabi Air Expo gathers all of the main players involved in the aviation industry in United Arab Emirates.
The airshow has strategic exhibition dimensions which are segmented for each aviation business need.
The exhibition brings together the major players in the aviation industry, enabling a demanding clientele to discover the industry’s latest developments and innovations.

Increase your business in the most promising market in the Middle East.

Exhibiting at the show starts from US$ 2,500.

“The show continues to be a worthwhile venue for meeting customers and prospective clients in an area [with] strong demand for its products.
Abu Dhabi is a center for Gulfstream aircraft,” Gulfstream regional sales vice president Trevor Esling.

Boeing Business Jet marketing vice president Charles Colburn. “The show is important to us because of our customer base here. Any time you can get face-to-face with your potential customers, it’s well worth it. We spend $500,000 [each] on shows like NBAA, EBACE and ABACE; Abu Dhabi Air Expo is a lot more cost-effective”.